Marquesas Islands 2012 Venus Transit Expedition

Nuku Hiva (June 3 - June 6)


Our contact is the Collège (6th to 9th grade) in Taiohae, with Cédric Pluvinage, science teacher, as our correspondent.


Venus Transit observations

Two sites are contemplated:
  • Nuku Ataha airport for the scientific observation (Venus-TEx). The location is dry and clear more often than other areas on the island. Sunset will be visible from there, as the site is open to the ocean toward North and West.
    - The drawback of the site is that it is not accessible to school buses. We will therefore only associate a relatively small group of students with on of their science teachers.
    - The good thing is that passengers going through the airport that day will be able to learn about the transit and hopefully see something too!
  • Taiohae for most of the public and students. A nice open area is available next to the school!
  • The exact times of the various steps of the transit are given below.

    Public conference

    A public conference on the Transit of Venus will be given on Monday evening, to prepare everyone to the event. It will take place in the school gym.

    Star gazing

    After the conference, we will set up our instruments and look at heavenly bodies. With the Moon, Mars and Saturn well-visible that evening, we will continue our exploration of the solar system started with Venus at the conference!

    Class visits

    They will take place during school hours. Teachers will prepare our visit, so that the exchange is as fruitful as possible!