Marquesas Islands 2012 Venus Transit Expedition


As the way to and from the Marquesas goes through Tahiti, and there are a few days left once back from the Marquesas before the weekly flight to Hawaii, I proposed to Lucette Tareo, who organized the visit of the Australs for the International Year of Astronomy in 2009, my services for outreach activities on Moorea. Lucette is now heading the primary school in Afareaitu on Moorea.


Lucette Tareo is our main contact. Pascal Martinent, math teacher on Tahiti, whom I met for IYA2009, was initially contacted and is as always ready to help!


With her usual enthusiasm, Lucette prepared a very interesting (and busy!) program, which should make of this stay on Moorea an efficient and rewarding visit. An overview of the program, still tentative, is given below:
- 12/06/2012 - ~18:00
  • Welcome of the team by the representatives of the primary and secondary education representatives and the Berkeley team.
  • Evening conference on the Moorea sky (? exact theme tbd)
  • Dinner at Atiti'a.
  • - 13/06/2012 :
  • Morning activities for school students.
  • Afternoon activities with the public.
  • Evening conference on astronomy.
  • Dinner at Atiti'a.
  • - 14/06/2012:
  • School activities morning and afternon.
  • Evening on a motu for dinner and star gazing with the whole team.

  • We will add some amateur radio activities, to share our visit of Moorea to our remote friends who will have followed us in the Marquesas, and to initiate a few to radio communications.