Marquesas Islands 2012 Venus Transit Expedition

Hiva Oa - June 6-8


Our contact is the Collège (6th to 9th grade) in Atuona, with Benoit Barrat, Conseiller Principal d'Education, as our correspondent on the Island.


Public conference

A public conference will be given on Wednesday evening at the Atuona city hall.

Star gazing

After the conference and the following evening, we will set up our instruments and look at heavenly bodies. With the Moon, Mars and Saturn well-visible that evening, we will explore the universe starting for our neighborhood!

School visits

They will take place during school hours. Teachers will prepare our visit, so that the exchange is as fruitful as possible! We envision to work with
  • the Atuona Collège itself,
  • the classes of the GEMM program (Gestion et Entretien en Milieu Marin), emphasizing star navigation and radio-telecommunications, and, tentatively,
  • the Collège Sainte Anne and
  • the Atuona Elementary School.